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This is so encouraging and so informative. I really value the understanding that your message provides. We are so fortunate to have so many talented and dedicated engineers. This milestone is hugely important to our company and everyone involved should feel very proud. Thank you.
This has turned in to design-by-committee, and whatever we come up with is going to suck. I don't have time to try to make it not suck, so you guys can go makes something that sucks on your own.
There were metrics associated with the creation of the program and we have far exceeded those metrics.
Please consider, as explained, that this project has a set of goals beyond measuring downloads, namely, goals associated with making our most productive developers more successful and enhancing our relationship with them to encourage loyalty.
Our weaker than expected sales and recent discussions with industry partners have led us to conclude that it is prudent to adjust our guidance.
Je sens revenir le règne de la mauvaise foi, de la très classieuse réouverture de la chasse aux corbeaux, et celle du tir au pigeon jusqu'à ce que la vaste majorité se range silencieusement sous le glaive arbitraire, aveugle et injustement charismatique du Grand Pouvoir.
From Areva: AREVA fournit à ses clients des solutions pour produire de l¿électricité avec moins de CO2. L¿expertise du groupe et son exigence absolue en matière de sûreté, de sécurité, de transparence et d¿éthique font de lui un acteur de référence, dont le développement responsable s¿inscrit dans une logique de progrès continu.